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Let the world be your playground
These special keepsakes of childhood are carefully glazed to show all the delicate lines and features, fingers and toes.

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 Single Imprint ~ one hand or one foot. You can get a ruffle edging at no extra charge.

        $ 70-


 Double Imprints - One hand and one foot, two hands or two feet.

         $ 80-

 Double Sibling Imprint - If you have two children or twins, or if you would like to have a plaque of you and your child together, this style would be perfect. This is also the ideal plaque for gifting to Grandparents.

               $ 85-

 Triple Sibling Imprint - One imprint each of three children or adults on the same plaque.

             $ 95-

Quad Imprint- Two hands and two feet.

       $ 90-

Special projects - Let me know what you would like and I will do my best to do it!

Pet imprints - I do dogs and cats and probably other animals with feet... Price is $ 60- for two paws and $ 80- for four.


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