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Let the world be your playground
How to live to 100

I believe that our life adventure is what we make it. Some make it more complicated and some keep it very simple. I like to keep it simple and fun. And as long as possible. I want to see a lot of this world and I want to watch my children grow into adults, meet their families and help them for as long as I can. To do that, I need to stay healthy, happy and of course, not die. I think that there are three things that one needs to be able to make it to 100: health, money and purpose. Now, I am starting this quest at 50 years old, so half way. I believe I have a solid base, and the opportunity to set myself up for success. We live in a time when it is easy to research, learn and try new things. I live in a country that offers many opportunities and choices and I find it easy to grow and learn and reach goals as long as I have the will, work for it and make good choices. Things don't come easy but then again, nothing worth having comes easy. 

So here I am, learning, doing, enjoying and trying to make it to 100. If you are curious about my process or if you too want to live a long and happy life, follow along. I will keep this page updated with what I think it will take, the choices I make and what works for me.