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About Baby Imprints

A few years ago in Seattle, when I was pregnant with my daughter Melissa, I received a gift certificate for an Imprint. I had her Imprints done when she was two months old and I loved them!

After we moved to Lake Villa and my son Michael was born, I wanted to have his Imprints done in clay also. After a lot of phone calls and without being able to find someone who did it…. boom, the idea and concept for Baby Imprints by Alecs was set in motion.

Now, a few years and thousand of Imprints later, what started as a small home-based business, has grown more then I ever expected. Even though I now work more then I ever did, it allows me to stay home with my precious children.

I take an enormous amount of pride in the work that I do. It truly gives me a lot of happiness creating these wonderful keepsakes for parents everywhere. The response that I get is humbling and I enjoy working with every one of my “little” clients. You are precious and you grow too fast!

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my story and I hope you enjoy my web site. Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. 

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