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Here are a few things you might want to know about the imprint process

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Is there an age limit?
No, I have done imprints for babies less than 3 days old through adults in their 80’s.

How long does it take?
The printing itself takes only a few moments. (It often takes more time to decide what to get than to take the impression). The prints are then returned to my home studio where the finishing process takes about 4 weeks.

Do I need an appointment?
Yes. Please call me to set your appointment. I will come to your house, so all you have to do is set aside about half an hour. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment at one of the locations I will be at, please call the store you are interested in, they will have the appointment sheets and can tell you what’s available. If they are full, I can usually squeeze walk-ups between appointments, but you may have to wait a few minutes.

How do I get the imprint back?
When the plaque is finished, I deliver it back to your house, or to the same location you had the print done. I will call you and let you know when your order is ready for delivery or for store pick-up. If you are visiting from out of town, I will ship your order. Just let me know and pay the low shipping fee. And yes, I also ship internationally.

How do you get a good impression?
Experience! If your child is fussy or resistive, I will try again until I get a print you are happy with. If that is not possible, I will reschedule you for a later time, when your child is a little bit older.

Can you make “copies” from one plaque?
I can make as many Imprints as you would like from a single print.

Is it easier if the baby is asleep?
Not really. While a few babies have been known to sleep through the process, it usually wakes them up. However, once I am done, they often fall right back to sleep.

Is it safe?
Definitely. The process is gentle and completely painless, and I only use non-toxic clay made from natural ingredients.

Is it messy?
No. The clay itself has a “play dough” consistency. I hand-color the plaques after their first firing, so no inks, paint or dies are used in the printing process at all. The child may end up with a trace amount of clay residue on their hand or feet, but it’s perfectly safe and I provide baby wipes to clean them off.

When do I pay for the Imprints?
You pay for the plaques either at the time of printing or when I deliver it, what ever makes you more comfortable. I prefer it if you pay me at the time of delivery, so that I am sure that you are very happy with your Imprints!

What happens if my print is damaged?
I take the utmost care with each and every print, but they are hand-crafted keepsakes which are subject to occasional imperfections caused by clay or glaze anomalies, kiln misfires or other occurrences beyond my control. If your plaque is adversely affected or damaged, I will be happy to reprint it or offer you a refund.

How do I attached a photo to a plaque with a picture frame in it?
Simply tape the photo to the back of the plaque. Transparent shipping tape is extra sticky and adheres very well.

How durable is the plaque?
With proper care, the plaque will last for generations. Just treat it the same as you would a porcelain plate.

How do I display my Imprint?
The decorative ribbon has a loop for hanging on the wall (hooks are safer than nails). Other options include putting it in a plate stand or mounting it in a shadow box. 

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