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Gift Certificates

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A Baby Imprints by Alecs Gift Certificate is perfect for almost any occasion. It’s the one gift that will never be outgrown and is perfect for the first-time mother or a new mother with older children, for fathers or grandparents.

You can present it yourself, or I can mail it directly to the recipient. All Gift Certificates cost $80, have no expiration date and can be used for any style imprint the mom wishes to have done.

Is your co-worker having twins? Give her a Gift Certificate from Baby Imprints by Alecs and she can use it to get one plaque with the imprints of both her children on it.

Does your sister already have a “Baby Imprints by Alecs” plaque for her older children? Get her a Gift Certificate so that she can have the same style imprint for her new addition or use it to have a plaque with all her children’s imprints.

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