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Gift Kit


Do you know someone who would love to have one of these beautiful Imprints but does not live in a place that I travel to? Give her a Gift Kit. The Gift Kit comes with everything that your friend needs to take a perfect impression, instructions, the material, even a return box. I will mail it to her and I will communicate with your friend via e-mail so that I can help her with decissions and to answer any questions she might have.

Once your friend mails me back the impression, I will start work on the plaque and she will receive her finished Imprint in about 6 weeks.

Gift Kits are $ 70- and I will need the e-mail of your friend, to let her know about your gift and to find out what she would like to have done.

Please e-mail me at alecs@alecsandrina.com to purchase a Gift Kit.


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