May 23, 2012 @ 11:31 PM


Funny things happen when you hang around with the younger generation. And I don’t mean my children’s age… I take some courses at CLC and I have to say that going to school as an adult is a lot more fun. However, sitting in groups and discussing specific assignments, makes me wonder if all this school is teaching our young adults anything. I find myself surrounded by people who are smart but I wonder if they could survive in life, everyday. They seem to lack vision, common sense and above all, experience. I don’t know if living life as a normal person these days offers you any street smarts or any knowledge that you’re not able to get in school, but I do know that during my younger years, living life everyday without having it all, has thought me things that I still use to this day. I was able to survive on my own at a much younger age than this generation. I was ready everyday for any challenges! I never backed down and I didn’t look for the easy way out! I kept my eyes open, used my knowledge and I took care of myself, taking responsibility for my actions and not worrying if anyone will bail me out! I had no expectations and any type of forward progress was great and fully appreciated. I value the opportunity to be so close to a new generation and to be able to see all the things that most of them are lacking. I will use this new knowledge to become a better parent and to make sure that my children will be better prepared for life when it happens to them! So … I guess school does teach you life skills, but it takes a lot of life skills to be able to find that classroom.