February 1, 2020 @ 9:19 PM

I've set big goals for this year, here is an update after month one.

1. Move to California.

This will not happen until August but I did start the cleaning process as I pretty much need to find a new home for everything I own. It's a slow process but I am moving in the right direction. Should stay on track and make progress every month.

2. Continue intermittent fasting.

Still doing this and feeling great. I believe I will continue this way of life forever.

3. Visit 3 new places.

Haven't been anywhere new yet but Richard and I have a trip to Italy planned next month and it will be my first time in Cinque Terre. I'm so excited.

4. Plant a vegetable garden.

Not yet.

5. Read 12 books.

I have read "The obstacle is ...

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