December 31, 2020 @ 2:35 PM

This challenging year is finally coming to an end. Despite the global pandemic, I managed to stay the course even if many times along the way I didn't think I could. But in the end I stayed focused and was quick to adapt to new situations. I had lots of goals, good goals. Some went better than others, some I abandoned some I need to revisit. 

What went well this year:

  • I moved to California. It was my number 1 goal and the hardest one. It took a lot of time, a lot of thinking and planning, a lot of help from my friends. It's not easy to downsize after 18 years of living in a house twice the size, but it's doable and very rewarding! It gave me joy to be able to give my furniture to friends and donate the bulk of our things. The kids did their share and kept only things that fit in their college dorms.
  • I sold the house. This was a stressful process and it took longer than expected but in the end all parties were happy. I hope the new owners enjoy the house as much as we did. The proceeds go towards the kids's college education so the whole marriage, house and kids life came full circle and it gave me the closure that I needed. I think Frank would be happy and I know he's watching down over all of us.
  • I embraced married life. I really enjoy being a wife and I am so very grateful for Richard. He's been cancer free and finished his treatment and he's staying healthy. We are navigating this Covid thing pretty well so far and I think he qualifies for the vaccine a lot sooner than most of us, so that will be a relief. He made space for me in his house and while I know he enjoyed his life as a bachelor, he has been a wonderful husband. He's a wonderful father and a great role model for all of our kids. I love him.
  • On the health front, I really enjoy eating a plant based diet. The intermittent fasting has been going great and while I did gain a couple of pounds during quarantine, I still eat only once a day and feel very good. I planted a vegetable garden here and I love just going out and picking things to eat. I look forward to extending it and learn more about gardening in this climate. Every Sunday I go to the Farmer's Market in town and it's been wonderful. I now live walking distance from the grocery store and I have nice weather all year round so it's been easy to keep active. 
  • I did quit my post office job in July and it took a little bit to adjust to not having an income. From a financial point of view, I saved well while working and it help me stay ahead of the moving expenses and taking almost 6 months to sell the house. I reduced my expenses to just a handful for the upcoming year and I am able to pay for both Universities and avoid education loans all together. Of course it helps that I have a place to live and not have to worry about making ends meet. But I also do not want to become a burden on my husband, he has plenty on his plate so I've been trying to help any way I can. I took over all the food expenses for us and whatever my kids need and he takes care of the house, his kids and my health insurance. 
  • We went to Turks and Caicos and it was wonderful! It was our belated honeymoon and if you ever get the chance, I highly recommend it. We also took our time driving from Lake Villa to Martinez and our road trip west was a great time!

What did not go well:

  • Covid-19! We did not get to go to Italy for my best friend's 50th birthday. We planned a lot and were so looking forward to the trip but it just didn't happen. We lost most of the money but since we had the time off, we ended up in the Caribbean and it was great! We also didn't get to explore much for the rest of the year but we did take day trips while the kids were here for the holidays. Working during Covid times was stressful. Michael not having a proper High School graduation was disappointing and not being allowed on campus was heartbreaking for all of us. But he was able to stay with his roommate's family in Ohio and for that I am grateful! These complete strangers opened their home to us. Both kids will be on campus for the upcoming semester.
  • Not being able to promote my imprints here because places being closed and people staying home. I try to stay safe and not mingle with people so that I don't get Richard sick. I also was not able to register as an interpreter with the California Courts as I need to take all of my tests again for this state but no testing has been taking place. Hopefully next year. However, I have been doing zoom interpreting and being location independent, I've been able to get on the court roster for Colorado and Minnesota. The work has been trickling in. I also got a very part time job, about 10 hrs a week with Thistle, I deliver their plant based meals twice a week. It's a great gig and it helps with my grocery budget. It's also very easy...driving around, listening to music... just like the Amazon Sundays with the post office but a lot more fun. I also work on my own and that's important to me as I don't want to bring any Covid home.
  • I failed at a few of my goals from last year. I did not read as much as I wanted but I did get a library card and checked out a few books already. But it's so complicated at the moment, the library is closed, you have to set up a time to pick up your books, you need to text them when outside... takes all the fun out but it is working and I do have a list of books that I want to read in the new year. I also did not keep up with my yoga practice, I didn't cook as many new recipes as I was hoping for, I did not blog or work on this website, I did not keep up with learning Spanish or a new craft. I missed the wine making season all together this year and the time spent with my friends was mostly texting or talking on the phone. 

So, all in all, keeping my eye on the important stuff, 2020 was a good year. Major changes were made and I am in a much better place than I was last year. I am loving my new home and I have adjusted well. Things are looking up with Covid and I hope that 2021 will allow me to grow and become a better version of myself.