February 1, 2020 @ 9:19 PM

I've set big goals for this year, here is an update after month one.

1. Move to California.

This will not happen until August but I did start the cleaning process as I pretty much need to find a new home for everything I own. It's a slow process but I am moving in the right direction. Should stay on track and make progress every month.

2. Continue intermittent fasting.

Still doing this and feeling great. I believe I will continue this way of life forever.

3. Visit 3 new places.

Haven't been anywhere new yet but Richard and I have a trip to Italy planned next month and it will be my first time in Cinque Terre. I'm so excited.

4. Plant a vegetable garden.

Not yet.

5. Read 12 books.

I have read "The obstacle is the way" by Ryan Holiday. It's about the timeless art of turning trials into triumph. It was good. You can find it at the Lake Villa Library.

6. Set up my art studio in the new house.

Later in the year.

7. Find my Californian entrepreneur spirit.

Later in the year for this goal too but my mind is spinning already. I want to do my imprints once there so I have been scooping out the baby stores in the area and thinking about a business plan.

8. Make money without a real job.

Trying to think of different ways I could do this. I have a few ideas and I am sure that once there, more opportunities will arise.

9. Learn to make wine.

Have not even thought about this goal yet.

10. Learn a new craft.

Not yet.

11. Study Spanish.

I started with the Duolingo App but I have not found my groove yet.

12. Embrace and savor married life.

Missing my husband every day and looking forward to the move.

13. Start yoga again.


14. Stick to a plant based diet.

I am still doing good on this. I want to go for a new round of blood work sometime in May or June to see if it made a difference.in my cholesterol. Regardless, I do feel very good and rarely miss meat. 

15. Cook one new recipe a week - 52 total   50 left

For January I tried vegetable wraps and apple pie pockets. Already behind on this goal. I didn't think it will be this hard to find the time to try a new recipe every week.

16. Have a 30 day challenge every month.

My first challenge was to floss every night before bed. I did pretty good, missing 5 nights only. I will carry this into the rest of the year and hopefully for ever.

17. Adopt a minimalist approach.

Working hard on this goal. Getting rid of things with every opportunity. 

18. Keep in touch better with my friends - schedule things

I did reach out to one friend I haven't talked to in awhile, I will visit another next month for her birthday and I should schedule a few lunch dates as days off are hard to come by.

19. Redo my website and start blogging again. 

No work at all on my website but hey, this is my second blog this year! 

20. Spend one on one time with all my children.

Michael and I took a trip together to Ohio University. Quality time with my son for 972 miles round trip.

That's my January update. I need to pick a new book and I did come up with another 30 day challenge. I better start working on some new recipes and set up a few dates with my friends. Looking forward to a great February!