October 17, 2013 @ 9:09 AM


While I was mailing a couple of packages at the post office in town the other day I saw a posting that they are hiring. For one day a week. My antennas went up thinking “I can do a day a week”. So I applied for the job. And let me tell you, the process of applying for a job with the post office is a long one. First you test online, then they email you and send you to a remote location to test some more. Then they email you and send you to the office you are applying for to interview with the Post Master. Upon their recommendation you are sent for a drug test. Then you fill up an application and return for an interview with the Post Master. Then you get finger printed. Then you are offered a position.

I am waiting to start training at the Post Office Academy (yup), in the classroom training for a few days then on the job training at the local post office. I think this is the longest job application process I’ve been a part of. But I am starting to worry about the job. It has already grown from one day to two days a week. Then it’s the holiday season and they are very busy, so expect more days. Then someone is retiring in January and their route will have to be replaced. The position is for mail delivery. Yes, I’ll be your substitute mail lady so I hope you’ll be patient with me. Will I be able to manage it? I know that I will have to be creative and make it work. Or at least do my best to make it work. I wonder if this traditional job thing is still for me, if I can still trade my time for money at mandated hours! And I sure hope they make mail trucks for tall people!