April 21, 2013 @ 5:03 PM

Made it just fine another week. I think it gets easier as time goes on. I am able to leave behind my regular wallet and go in the store with just the grocery money. Leaving the back up debit card in the car assures me that I don't go over my budget, no matter what! I also got suckered into getting a pizza and bread sticks from Little Caesar one evening by Michael and we went for ice cream sundays at McDonalds another evening. I find that resisting the urge to go out when it would be the easiest way to feed the family after an evening spent at sport events has been huge and also necessary to the budget. My mom is leaving here in 10 days and I need to make sure I am prepared for these long evenings.

Here is what I bought this week:


Monday I spent $ 8.53 and spent money on an extra pasta sauce as spaghetti makes for a quick dinner when friends spend the night unexpected.


Wednesday I went to two stores as I ran errands and managed to spend $17.49.


Friday I spent $29.54 but got a lot of stuff at Garden Fresh.

I also spent $8.00 on farm fresh eggs at Susanna Farms and $5.49 for coffee at Julie's Coffee. Add to that $3.19 at McDonalds and the $8.46 for pizza and it comes up to a total of $80.70. Not bad.

Savings jar

I am also starting a new thing. I did not spend any silver color coins this week. I used the pennies only so that I can get back a silver coin. I don't spend any coins when paying at the grocery store. I have $2.30 saved from this week. Not sure what the change will go towards but I'm sure it will get spent.