January 1, 2014 @ 12:14 AM


I sit here all bundled up watching the snow fall. It looks really cold out but I’m warm, cozy and still nursing a nasty respiratory infection. It’s been a rough end to the year but it can’t really overshadow that all in all it’s been a great 12 months!

What went good in 2013:

I managed to do a little bit of traveling which is my main goal every year. I discovered a lot more of California with trips to Fort Bragg, Capitola, Half Moon Bay, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco and the Delta. I saw the sea glass beach and enjoyed baseball at the AT&T Park. Eat great food in amazing places and got to enjoy it all with my other half which made it even more wonderful.

The kids and I skied in Keystone, Colorado and enjoyed an amazing month in London. We visited all there is to see in the English capital, wondered around Stonehenge, stood on the Prime Meridian and crossed the English Channel. We bonded, learned and discovered.

On the work front, I finally got certified with the Wisconsin Supreme Court as a legal interpreter. I worked on a few cases already and it has been a great experience for me.  With Baby Imprints by Alecs I have had the best year yet.  Lots of networking and going out there, meeting new people, taking advantage of every opportunity has really paid off. It’s been rewarding and it has also given me a few new ideas. I am hoping to find the time and the creative energy to follow through with them. I also got a new job, with the Post Office. It has been a crazy ride, I tell you. I like the job and I am hoping to find the right amount of “work” to fit into the new year.

On a personal level, my boyfriend and I are still going strong. He’s more amazing to me every day and has been my rock. While the long distance relationship has pros and cons, this past year has brought us closer together and brought me a lot of happiness.

The children, ah, my pride and joy! They’ve been amazing. They study well, are respectful and good kids all around. And above all, they are great travel companions! I am so lucky!

What didn’t go so good in 2013:

My mom broke her hip. Yes, it put a stop on traveling for me and has really made life for my mother very difficult. I am happy she’s here with us and I get the opportunity to take care of her. She’s been there for me my entire life and it is such a unique feeling when life comes full circle… I am hoping she’ll get better. Recovering has been slow but going in the right direction.

Not spending enough time, money and energy on my house. I need to find a better balance between home and away. Staying home all winter does not really allow me to get the things I want to get done around the house. I must find a way to make more progress in de-cluttering and simplify the everyday routine.

The exercise routine. It’s still waiting for the right balance, energy, desire… you name it.

Not following through with all the great ideas that cross my mind! Some of them are wonderful and given a little bit of time and creative love would yield amazing rewards! Not sure if it’s laziness or just not having the energy to get things going. Just do it should be my new mantra!

What’s up for 2014? No major trip planned this summer. We want a little bit more time around the house but I do have a few little trips planned. I am hoping that everything falls into place, health, money, time off and makes all of my plans possible. Trying to stay financially ahead of the game and make progress in all the right places. Learn to drive a stick and take the 70 vette out this spring. Beautify my garden. Catch up with my friends. Read more books. Cook more great food. Stay healthy and happy!

Happy New Year everyone!