April 5, 2013 @ 7:45 PM

I started Monday, April 1st 2013, with a very crisp $100 bill to which I designated it's own wallet. This is how I did:


On Monday I stopped at Costco and spent $23.38. I got only two things but were expensive. We bake a lot at home and I make my own granola, so the nuts are a staple. The croissants freeze well and the kids love them for breakfast. We did have some leftovers from Easter Sunday, so not much was needed right from the start.


On Tuesday, on my way home from an appointment, I passed by the Oberweis Store in Gurnee and stopped in to get some milk. It came to a whopping $5.08 because I did not have an exchange glass bottle. We used to have the milk delivered at home but we just don't drink enough of it to justify it anymore.


On Wednesday, my trip to Garden Fresh Market looked like this and I spent $32.96. A lot of the things we usually eat were on sale, so I picked up an extra can of beans and eggs for baking.

Thursday I stopped at Susanna Farms in Lake Villa and got two dozen of farm fresh eggs. That came to $8. We eat these for breakfast, they are so good!


I picked up a few other things today and spent $16.29.

This is everything for this week as I am traveling over the week-end. My mom will feed the kids with what we already have at home.

Total for this week came to $85.71. We didn't go out to eat at all, which really helps make this challenge possible. I think this is very doable and I might start saving the coins I get back in change and put them towards our travels.