April 25, 2014 @ 9:53 PM

Whenever I do an Imprint or a live cast, I capture a moment in time. No matter how old your baby is, they will only get older, their hands will get bigger and the Imprint will forever remind you of how tiny they were that day. They will also remind you of the fact that you were. That you stood there, holding your child’s hand while the mold hardened around your hand or while I pushed their tiny feet into the clay. I like to think that many years from now when this little boy will hold the cast in his hands, he will feel the love that came from his mother while she was holding him on her lap. It took all of her to keep him from wiggling away… she was sick and frail. But she wanted him to have this memory of them holding hands. The cast came out beautiful and so did the foot imprint of Mom, Dad and Baby.


Yesterday I learned that she passed away… I could not help but feel the void into my heart, the void that I felt when my children lost their dad. I too did a hand cast of each one of them holding hands with their dad while he was sick. I remember it like it was yesterday. I have not been able to finish the casts because I just can’t bring myself to work on them. They are both sitting under my desk in the studio. I know they are there and I see them from my chair. In the same box I have an Imprint with our hands as a family and an Imprint of our dog Rusty which we had to put down. I know that one day I will be able to finish my projects. And I hope that when my kids look at their tiny hands inside their dad’s hand, they will feel the love that he had for them at that very moment.